My love of performing started early, before I even started kindergarten.  I’d put on shows for my family on a makeshift stage in our house.  And were they ever troopers.  They’d sit and watch regardless of whether they actually wanted to hear me sing another Hilary Duff song or dance to the Backstreet Boys.  

The last several years my singing and acting passions have put me on the stages of my high school, the acclaimed Children’s Theater Company and my church.  I’ve also been richly blessed by sharing my gifts of singing, acting and dancing in Kenya and Peru, even though my primary mission was to be a servant to the people of those countries as a member of my church.

Hey, variety is the spice of life and I enjoy a lot of other things, too.  On summer weekends, I’m usually behind the boat skiing or tubing. In the winter I like to head out with my family and friends and do a little downhill skiing.  And, thanks to my Pops (Grandpa Jim) I can throw the discus. Yes, you read that right. The discus. Oh, and as you might have guessed I play the piano and enjoy doing improv—especially with my other grandpa.  You know, even though he had Alzheimer’s he was pretty darn good at it.

Thanks for reading and learning more about me. 
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